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join our personal inspiration workshops to Develop yourself

A wise woman once said. You can only change yourself. But by changing yourself, you can have an enormous impact on the world.

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What is an Inspiration Workshop

Every Quarter we run Inspiration Workshops for people who want to inspire each other and develop themselves.


The groups are small. This way we allow for maximum interaction between the participants. The workshops are 90 minutes, they run via ZOOM and always follow a predefined structure.

Topics change regularly and are democratically defined by our customers.

How does it work?

After an ice breaker people will be asked to reflect on a set of development items. Each person will be asked on which of the development items he or she would like to develop.

Based on the chosen development items people will be matched to brainstorm on possible personal actions. 

After brainstorming people will pick the action they prefer. 




Reflect on Development Topic

30 minutes


Inspire each other

30 minutes


Pick your preferred  action

30 minutes


Personal Development

Who is it for

Inspiration Workshops are for all people that would like to develop as an individual in a professional environment.


It does not matter in what industry you work, what function you have or what background you have. 

The only thing you need to have is an open mind and the willingness to inspire others and develop yourself.