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Friday March 5th 2021

Master Class

Culture Transformation


Topic "Master Remote Working as an organisation​"

A practical one-day course in designing, transforming and sustaining workplace culture to turn strategy into action on an organisational level.

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Our Master Class teaches a proven culture transformation model and equips attendees with the tools to make it happen. Whether you are starting a change program from scratch, or struggling through an existing one, this intensive one-day course will provide the inspiration and practical knowledge you need.


The InspiringPeople model consists of four key phases: culture design, engaging employees, measuring behavioral change, and developing effective leadership. We keep our classes small and create an interactive learning environment that allows you to understand, experience and practice applying each phase. We know our model works, so let it work for you!

What will we teach you?


Why is this course different?

There are lots of courses out there. Here is why you should choose this Master Class in Transforming Corporate Culture.


It’s not just theory

We give you simple, practical tools to affect change. 


You’ll see the model in action

We use real life examples and teach application of the model. 


You’ll be ready to disrupt the next day

At the end of the course, you leave with a Roadmap for your organization. 


We teach you to teach others

You learn to develop other leaders and role-models, so you’re not working alone!


Our instructors have
walked the talk

Our team are experts in transformational culture change with real-life experience. 


We don’t muck around!

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve condensed 15 years’ experience into just one day.

Who is this Master Class for?

Anyone with the right attitude can learn to positively disrupt a corporate culture. This course is for you if  you are working on the Mindset, Culture or behaviour of your organisation since:

  • Your company has some culture problems that are affecting productivity and/or employee happiness

  • Your company is currently going in a new strategic direction

  • Your company is going through a merger or has integrated its teams. You need a shared understanding of how to work well together.

  • You struggle to attract new talent. Your employees are your greatest advocates or detractors, so good recruitment starts with workplace culture!

  • You’ve brought on a new CEO or senior leadership


What does the day look like?

Over the course of the day, you ‘live’ through a complete culture transformation cycle.







Starting the journey


to the Culture Transformation Cycle

Phase 1

Exploring Culture Design

Phase 2

Putting employee engagement tools into action


Phase 3


How (and why) to evaluate your success

Phase 4


Making change sustainable through supported leadership

Bringing it all together


Develop your own Roadmap for Culture


Who we are?

We, at InspiringPeople, believe that working towards the corporate culture you want should be an energizing process that engages everyone. All our Master Class instructors have had real-life success in driving change.


Henno Janmaat

Our creative engine! Henno shares passionate and motivating stories from his 20 years’ experience of learning and refining best practice.


Niels Kooi

Niels thrives on simplifying complexity. He is relentless in conceptualizing approaches in a visually appealing way and acting as a catalyst for big changes.


Evelina Padervinskaite

Evelina is passionate about empowering people to make change through becoming role-models. With a background in psychology and elevating people agendas, her purpose is contributing to making work a better place.

Oliver Sapens.jpg

Oliver Sapens

Oliver loves complexity. He excels in chaotic, complex situations and handles them with an analytical mind. A master of translating input from different teams within an organization to stimulate dialogue.



Here’s what some of our previous attendees have said
about our Master Class in Transforming Corporate Culture:

"Valuable methods to generate ideas in a very efficient way. Impressive concept to create a willingness to change."

Harry Wagter

Senior HR Professional,
Change Management

harry wagter.jpg