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What is this Culture Masterclass about?

In the Masterclass you will explore all the elements that drive a successful culture transformation. The bespoke approach touches on the connected stages of mindset design, employee engagement, progress measurement, and leadership development. The masterclass combines theory with practical examples, accompanied by suggestions for the situation your company is in. The Masterclass is a half-day crash-course, with a  limited number of seats. 

How does it work?


The Masterclass has four bite-size modules that showcase how to successfully navigate the transformation process.

Mindset Design is about deriving an aspired culture from your company’s strategy. Engage is about creating awareness and willingness of employees to change. Progress Measurement will teach you to connect strategic objectives to behavioral and cultural metrics. Finally, Develop takes a yet further step into changing behaviours in a visible and sustainable way.

Culture  Cycle

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Organisational Development

Who is it for?

The Masterclass is for decision-makers who are working on, or interested in Culture Change within the entire organisation. 

If you are a leader in HR, Leadership Development, Internal Communications, Finance or Strategy, then this is for you!

Groups will be kept very small to ensure high impact learning and trust between participants.