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What is this Culture Masterclass about?

Every Quarter we run a Culture Masterclass for senior people who work on the Mindset, Culture and Behaviours of all people within their Organisation.

The Masterclass covers all the phases that one needs to go through to either improve, transform or merge the Culture of the organisation.

The Masterclass is a one-day event, with a  limited number of seats. It is divided in four online blocks of 90 minutes each. With enough time in between the sessions to make sure it's FUN to learn.

How does it work?

The first block of the Masterclass is about getting to know each other and a general introduction to the four phases of the Culture Cycle. The second block is about how to best describe the culture that is needed to be strategically succesful.

The third block is about how to engage people to work on behavior. The last block is about the last two phases of the Culture Cycle. How to measure culture and how to turn the culture work into a continuous learning experience with Quarterly Inspiration Cycles (QICs). 

Culture  Cycle

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Organisational Development

Who is it for?

The Masterclass is for decision-makers who are working on, or interested in Culture Change within the entire organisation. 

If you are a leader in HR, Leadership Development, Internal Communications, Finance or Strategy, then this is for you!

Groups will be kept very small to ensure high impact learning and trust between participants.