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Our Peer Learning concept explained in 90 Seconds

What is Peer Learning

The new and innovative way of learning. No trainers, only peers and webinars of thirty minutes each. Just pick and choose.

You're buying inspiration from others and paying with your inspiration. The best practices shared are all about actions to develop Teams.


Preparing will cost you only 60 minutes. Let's do it!!


How does it work?

Matching supply and demand of inspiration has to be done in a structured way. We often use the fifth week of the quarter for people to upload their best practice and define a time slot in which to share the best practice. After that people will have two weeks to sign-up for Webinars of best practices that are most inspiring to them. We often pick the Friday in the eighth week of the Quarter to run the Peer Learning Webinars.


Week 5

Deadline upload best practice

30 minutes

Week 6-7

Sign-up for Webinars

30 minutes

Week 8 Friday

Join Peer Learning Webinars

30 minutes


Team Development

Who is Peer Learning for?

The Quarterly Peer learning Webinars are about Team Actions. So it's about things that Teams could do to develop on a specific topic.


Over the years we noticed that Team Actions with the highest impact on Mindset, Culture and Behavior are visible, concrete, easy to implement and low budget.

The Peer Learning Webinars are for people who want to work on Mindset, Culture and Behavior to get the strategy of their own Team to life.

And why should I join?

Henno Janmaat enjoyed PEER LEARNING throughout his career. It made him CEO of the best Energy Company of the Netherlands and founder of InspiringPeople.

Henno published four books on culture transformation and interviewed thousands of managers on how they transformed their culture. 


How can I upload a story?

You'll receive a link from us via which you can upload your best practice on a specific question. Questions will look like one of the examples hereafter.

  • How to make a Team more Innovative?

  • How to make a Team more Trustworthy?

  • How to make a Team more Collaborative?

You will also give your story a catchy title and you pick a time slot on which you can present your story to inspire others.

A strong best practice is concrete, easy to implement, low budget and has a high impact. It's your WOW story!! 

How can I pick a story?

One week before the Webinars, you can check out the Best Practices of your Peers and choose the webinars you like to join.

Webinars are sorted to time and topics, it's up to you to decide which stories inspire you most. Make sure you check your own calendar for your own availability.

You can pick as many webinars as you like, preferably pick more than one. The most efficient is to pick webinars of best practices that would help you and your team in the current situation.  

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What is a Webinar?

Friday is Webinar day. If people picked your story, you will be invited for a video-conference. It is also possible that two or three people liked your story. You will see it all in the invite you get via e-mail.

A webinar takes thirty minutes. People share why they liked your best practice and will ask you some questions on how they can use it best in their specific situation. You can help them. The webinar is moderated by a facilitator from InspiringPeople. 

If you picked one or more stories from others, you will be invited for the Webinars you are interested in. You will be asked why the story inspired you and together with the writer of the best practice you discuss how that best practice can work for you

Cross Company Peer Learning Webinars

To experience Peer Learning Webinars for team development, InspiringPeople is offering Cross Company Peer Learning Webinars several times per year. Click here to check out upcoming dates.