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Inspiration Festival Newsflash November '23

Hi there InspiringPeople!

Are you ready for the season finale? We finish the Festival Season in style with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) on November 22nd. We have many inspiring people lined up again for ESG, looking forward to sharing their company culture insights with you this month. And if you'd like to know what you missed with New Ways of Working in October, you can read our Flashback on the NWOW Festival. After the season finale, we will return in 2024 with yet another Festival Season. For now, continue reading or sign up immediately, get inspired and grow!


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To get your dose of inspiration and be part of the Inspiration Festival, go to:

Event name: ESG

Invitation code: 22112023


Festival Calendar

This Festival Season consists of three Inspiration Festivals.

All Festivals take place from 16.00 - 18.00 CET.

- Emotional Intelligence, September 13th

- New Ways of Working, October 12th

- Environment, Social, Governance, November 22nd

Each Festival has multiple 30 minute sessions in parallel, starting at 16.00, 16.45, and 17.30 (CET).

These sessions will have a limited number of seats to stimulate exchange and interaction.

The sessions will not be recorded, so if you'd like to get some inspiration, make sure to sign up.


SIGN UP OPEN Environmental, Social, Governance

Why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)?

ESG is a crucial topic due to rising sustainability concerns, DEI challenges, investor and stakeholder pressure, risk mitigation, and the impact on reputation, talent, and regulatory compliance. Fostering an organisational culture that embraces ESG is essential because it aligns with the demands of a changing world.

ESG enhances reputation, attracts investment and talent, mitigates risks, ensures long-term resilience, and promotes innovation and efficiency. ESG isn't merely about compliance but a strategic imperative for businesses, addressing global challenges and contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future. Embracing ESG in culture is key to success in today's business landscape. Because ESG is such a comprehensive topic, we thought it wise to focus on the following three dimensions, loosely linked to the three letters of the acronym:

  • (E) How to foster a sustainability mindset?

  • (S) How to cultivate a culture of belonging?

  • (G) How to increase transparency?


Festival Agenda

As always, the festival agenda consists of multiple sessions of thirty minutes. All of them with limited seats available to guarantee exchange, interaction, and most of all relevance for you. So make sure to book your preferred sessions fast. First come, first served.


Sign up and book your sessions

To get your dose of inspiration and be part of the Inspiration Festival, go to:

Event name: ESG

Invitation code: 22112023


Meet your Inspirators

Cecilia Harvey is a UK based ED&I consultant that partners with Executive Boards and Senior leaders, driving sustainable change. Through the design of an ED&I strategy and interactive learning programme that is centred around difference as an advantage, Cecilia supports businesses to create inclusive workplaces where diversity of thought, behavioural change and cultural intelligence leverage diversity itself as a catalyst for growth. Cecilia has an in-depth understanding of identity and its fundamental link to our primary need to belong.

She regularly publishes on ESG matters, in particular on ED&I and belonging. Have a look at her recent article on belonging titled "Redefining Maslow's Pyramid", or check out her profile on LinkedIn.


Meet your Inspirators

Charles-Antoine Lewintre is a strategy consultant based in Paris with 20 + years of experience. He is passionate about leveraging a company culture (or DNA) in highly challenging times, such as ESG transformation programs. He combines the strategic toolbox with cultural and behavioural specific tools to build a long lasting and successful change. He has managed with success different ESG programs in Europe for international groups or small companies.

He is very experienced in ESG strategies in large corporates, focusing on sustainability and D&I. Check out his profile on LinkedIn.


Meet your Inspirators

Enrique Aznar is a lawyer, compliance officer, and sustainability consultant focused mainly on ESG, driven to make positive impact on the world. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in multinational corporations, where he has implemented major culture transformations. He accompanies organisations to identify and achieve their purpose with values-based sustainable cultures and governance.

He mostly focuses on the G in the ESG spectrum, and publishes about it regularly, for instance in this article "Make Way for the Chief Integrity Officer" in IESE Insight magazine. Please also check out his profile on LinkedIn.


Meet your Inspirators

Niels Kooi co-founded InspiringPeople in 2010 after gaining experience as a recognised strategy consultant, a.o. at Arthur D. Little. He is a culture veteran, but he thrives in situations where culture transformation meets complexity, especially when it comes to activating and measuring the (aspired) culture. He acts as a catalyst in helping clients to drive meaningful and sustainable change, and is a true people-engineer at heart.

He is an all-rounder in the ESG space, covering all aspects of ESG culture strategies. Have a look at his view on "Adapting Organisational Culture for ESG Success", and check out his profile on LinkedIn.



New Ways of Working

For our Festival Flashback we look back at the Inspiration Festival New Ways of Working, held in October.

Why New Ways of Working (NWOW)?

New ways of working (NWOW) is a prominent workplace topic due to technology advancements, globalisation, changing workforce expectations, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pursuit of productivity and sustainability. It's crucial to address NWOW because it aligns with evolving work dynamics.

NWOW can enhance productivity, attract talent, reduce costs, promote sustainability, and offer a competitive edge. Failing to adapt risks talent loss, decreased competitiveness, and missed opportunities. Organisations embracing NWOW proactively, and building a culture around it, can thrive in the evolving modern workplace, aligning with the changing needs of employees and the demands of a dynamic business environment. We discussed NWOW along the following dimensions:

  • Measuring effectiveness of new hybrid working models

  • Improving engagement and productivity via office layout

  • Uniting teams by connecting them with their purpose


Two of the most InspiringPeople during the Festival were Massimiliano Santamaria, with his story on "Map to be smarter", and Fernanda Ortega with her story on "Purpose as the "glue" for a remote leadership team". You can read the summaries of their presentations here. Interested to know more? Feel free to reach out to them by visiting Massimiliano’s or Fernanda’s profile on LinkedIn.


Massimiliano Santamaria

Map to be smarter

"The project scope was to adopt a remote / on-site working policy based on every individual’s activities. The project team conducted a role mapping assessment. Using the company job catalogue, the project team defined five macro clusters (i.e Collaboration, Individual activities, communication, etc.), with five activities for each cluster. We asked 350 employees to score each activity, using a 1-5 Likert scale. Based on the results we figured out which activities could be performed better by remote working versus in the office."

If you didn't have the opportunity to join his session, he has also written an insightful article on the subject of NWOW titled "Adapting to the Evolving Work Landscape: Embracing New Ways of Working Post-Pandemic". You can read the full article in our blog.


Fernanda Ortega

Purpose as the "glue" for a remote leadership team

“This was with a global leadership team that would be meeting in person for the first time. The VP wanted to find a way to connect them and find a common ground for a geographically dispersed team (they were suffering from lack of engagement and miscommunication). We used Ikigai, a Japanese concept, describing the things that make your life worthwhile, the things that give you a deep sense of purpose, satisfaction, and joy. We explored individual purposes to be able to build a common vision, and value proposition for that highly diverse and remote team. The next step was to build their operating principles.”

If you didn't have the opportunity to join her session, she has also written an article on the subject of NWOW titled "Adapting to the Evolving Work Landscape: Embracing New Ways of Working Post-Pandemic". You can read the full article in our blog.



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That's another festival season (almost) done and dusted! Stay inspired, and reach out to us if you have something to share or ask! Alternatively visit our LinkedIn page or our website, and feel free to share the Newsflash with your contacts with the buttons below.


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