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Meet Erik

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

With a background in Human Resources & Industrial Relations, Erik has served in a broad range of different operational and executive HR/CHRO leadership roles. He has built an international career at respectively KLM (Airline Industry), Ahold (Retail), Pon Holdings (Mobility & Trading), Executive Search (Maes & Lunau) and KPN (Telecom). Erik is thrilled to join the InspiringPeople team!

Why did you decide to become partner at InspiringPeople?

In my view the culture of any organisation drives the heartbeat. Leadership behaviour defines what the organisation culture looks and feels like. Quite logic, right? Well, during my career I have learned that it is a complex process to translate strategy into the right organisation behaviours. I have experienced myself how the practical InspiringPeople Culture Transformation model delivers visible and measurable behavioural change. Very powerful and it precisely reflects my passion how to make work more fun and impactful. When I thought about it, joining InspiringPeople was a natural next step for me.

Why are you passionate about Organisational Culture Transformation?

We are living in the most challenging times ever! Many organisations have started to realise that having a credible purpose as well as advancing society at large is the key to sustainable impact and success. It all comes down to shaping the right behaviours. That starts of course with clear language and communications, but is effectively about creating visible behavioural actions that people trust and want to take part in. During my entire career, I have been passionate about helping leaders to get their organisations from A to B and having fun while doing it.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with a diverse and international group of passionate and purpose driven colleagues. We are all very complementary to each other, which allows us to learn and adapt fast as a team. Working for customers with such an energetic and result driven group of colleagues is a lot of fun and very meaningful.

How did Culture influence you as a person?

My mother was Norwegian. The simple fact that having a lot of relatives in another country, forces you early on in your life to open your mind for different languages, rituals and symbols. Also, during my time at Ahold, we lived and worked in the Czech Republic for 4 years. Our youngest child was born there. Living in a country where the language is absolutely alien and the culture very different from my own, I have learned to develop new perspectives and insights how to collaborate and take decisions in multi-cultural teams.

What inspires you most?

There is a great song, written by Michael Franti, called “All the Freaky People Make the Beauty of the World”. This is a great inspiration to me as it reminds me of the importance to always look at other perspectives. I like people who think different and are able and willing to look beyond the obvious. Every organisation has a few of these people, often overlooked but worthwhile to find out who they are in your organisation.