Meet Evelina

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

A psychologist by training, Evelina has started her career by exploring various aspects of Human Resources, then gravitated towards working on Learning & Development, Leadership & Culture Change, and Employer Brand initiatives. With a passion for Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Psychological Safety & creating overall well-being in the workplace, Evelina is the newest addition to the Inspiring People Culture Transformation team.

Why are you passionate about Organizational Culture Transformation?

For me, first and foremost it is about people in organizations. We spend such a big part of our lives at work, so it is really important what kind of environment we are actually immersing ourselves into. I am convinced that it makes a huge impact on our individual happiness and well-being, and it expands throughout, affecting our larger society. Organizations through their cultures can do both – grow or harm an individual, as well as enable or wreck the strategy of the company. So, a healthy and adequate organizational culture is a win-win for both the business and the individual.

What is important to take into account in any Culture Transformation?

I think, most important is to find balance. The balance between structure and flexibility, between the interests of multiple stakeholders, between directed effort and organic change. Running a Culture Transformation might create an expectation that the company is asking people to “change”. It is true on one hand, but it should be treated as empowerment to change, yet people should be valued and accepted for who they truly are. Another crucial moment is empathy. We need to continually empathize with our employees, customers and all other stakeholders to create solutions that truly add value.

What happens if we transform all the Cultures of organizations in the way you wish?

My dream would be that more and more organizations become “platforms” which both empower and support people and contribute to the flourishing of societies and the planet. People, Planet and Profit – in other words.

What inspires you most?

Inspiring People! 😁 No, seriously – I draw a lot of my inspiration from remarkable human-beings, entailing both – people from various life situations as well as public figures. What also helps me create energy and inspiration is body movement – yoga and dance. I also get deeply moved an inspired by music, cinema and art.

What is the best part of your job?

There are two best parts about my job – one is that I get to contribute to a cause which also corresponds with my own purpose. Another one is that I get to do this with a group of incredible colleagues!

Which song gets you to dance?

Choosing just one is really difficult! But okay, if I have to I will go for the Bay by Metronomy.