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Inspiration Cycle


A QIC is a Quarterly Inspiration Cycle. InspiringPeople created the QIC Methodology to continuously develop and strengthen the Culture of an organization.


A QIC is about matching supply and demand of inspiration, within a group of people with a similar set of Cultural development topics, like the organizations core values. 

A QIC follows three steps over the course of a quarter. The first month you reflect, the second you inspire and the third you act.



1st Month

Reflect and define on which of the development topics you feel strong and ready to inspire others and on which of the development topics you would like to receive inspiration from others.

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2nd Month

Inspire others and develop yourself via Peer Learning Webinars that are matching supply and demand of inspiration via best practices that are concrete, easy to implement, low budget, but high impact.

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3rd month

After visiting several Peer Learning Webinars you probably found a best practice that works for you, in your specific context,  your are now ready to act by implementing the best practice you chose. 



The first step of the QIC is to reflect. Define on which of the development topics you feel strong and ready to inspire others with a best practice, as well as on which of the topics you want to develop. The first reflection is a self-assessment. As the QIC methodology becomes more embedded within the organization other measurements, such as 360 feedback, employee engagement, or customer surveys could be integrated into the reflection as well.  


Matching supply and demand of inspiration has to be done in a structured way. We often use the fifth week of the quarter for people to upload their best practice and define a time slot in which to share the best practice. After that people will have two weeks to sign-up for Webinars of best practices that are most inspiring to them. We often pick the Friday in the eighth week of the Quarter to run the Peer Learning Webinars.

Week 5

Deadline upload best practice

30 minutes

Week 6-7

Sign-up for Webinars

30 minutes

Week 8 Friday

Join Peer Learning Webinars

30 minutes



After visiting some Peer Learning Webinars to get inspiration, it is time for action within the team. The team-member(s) that visited the Peer Learning Webinars can share some of their inspiration with the team and facilitate a dialogue within the team to define an action that helps them develop as a team. Actions are always concrete, easy to implement, low budget, but have a high impact.

Cross Company Peer Learning Webinars

To experience Peer Learning Webinars for team development, InspiringPeople is offering Cross Company Peer Learning Webinars several times per year. Click here to check out upcoming dates. 

QICs for Personal Development

The QIC Methodology is mostly used by teams to develop themselves on the organizations core values. However, it is also a very effective methodology for individuals to develop themselves and work more in line with the organizations values.