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In today’s dynamic reality, leaders have a hard time keeping their organisation and people motivated, healthy, focused, successful. Organisations are welcoming a new, ambitious, engaged and independent generation, plus dealing with some huge global challenges like digitization, globalisation, environmental issues and an ever changing competitive environment, all of them having direct or indirect impact.


Perhaps it is because of these huge challenges that Culture, as a rare constant and glue within an organisation, is gaining a central spin in determining the overall success of an organisation. It is perhaps even the only real competitive advantage organisations have these days.

Challenges of our Clients

The IP Solution

InspiringPeople has created and perfected a practical 4 Step Culture Transformation Cycle (Define, Activate, Measure, Live). With this approach we make behaviour concrete, measurable, and actionable, with as many people as possible.


We support the development of the deeper, invisible parts of the cultural fabric through deep dives such as coaching & emotional intelligence. We then focus on setting the organisation in motion through creation of new micro-habits - which create a movement, and a shift on a larger scale.


Finally we bring culture to life through processes, systems, and organisational design, as well as internal & external employer brands. All of this culminates in measurable change: change that animates the strategy and brings return on investment.


During the past 10 years, Inspiring People has proven over and over again that the 4 Step Culture Transformation Cycle works and it has served both large and small clients on a national and international level, across various industries.

Our Change Model


Defining the aspired behaviours of a group of people, making sure to deliver on the strategic agenda

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Living the culture by connecting people in a structured and safe way to inspire each other and develop themselves

High Five na de training

Checking to witch extend the visible actions have led to measurable change

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Activating people through visible actions by connecting your strategic objectives and desired behaviours


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