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Inspiring Principles

In today’s reality, Culture is gaining a central spin in determining the overall success of an organization. Therefore investing in Culture becomes key, because it is the only real competitive advantage. 

Every Culture challenge is unique, and every solution is unique. Therefore every time it requires co-creation of bespoke solutions. A culture change can be triggered externally, but always needs to be driven internally, in a setting where the organisational development is mainly driven by people who like to develop themselves. People do not learn by telling them what to do. People get active when they are asked. This is the start of engaging people, and activating their internal willingness to learn.

When people are engaged, change occurs through visible actions: small actions, to be done tomorrow, autonomously. Just as important is bringing culture to life through processes and systems, as well as internal & external employer brand. All of this culminates in measurable change: change that animates the strategy, and brings return on investment.

Inspiring PEOPLE


Henno Janmaat,

Creative Engine

Started InspiringPeople in 2010. Involved in 50+ culture transformation projects. 15 years experience in the energy sector. Previously to IP Henno was CEO of Westland Energy Services, which was awareded best energy company of the Netherlands. Lived  and worked in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


Niels Kooi,

Change Accelerator

Niels co-founded InspiringPeople in 2010. Prior to that he was a recognized strategy consultant for 10 years at Arthur D.Little. He is relentless in translating business strategy into tangible and measurable actions. Niels acts as a catalyst in helping customers to drive meaningful and sustainable change.


Rieke Holzapfel,

Strategic Wizard

Rieke’s background as a business strategy consultant trained her to get to the bottom of the matter. With her analytical, inquisitive and open mindset she is dedicated to find answers to challenging questions, as well as the  questions for the answers given. Her tireless dedication to the customer is unparalleled and widely recognized by our clients.

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Oliver Spapens,

Word Smith

Oliver has worked on major change programs within both the private and the public sector. Previously he worked on creating a cultural shift within the art world. He is our multi-talent, with a Law and an Art History degree behind his belt, he combines analytical skills with creativity and linguistics.


Evelina Padervinskaite,

Mindfulness Guru

A psychologist by training, Evelina started her career by various aspects of HR in international contexts, then gravitated towards managing group level projects in Learning & Development, Leadership & Culture Change. Additionally, she brings Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Psychological Safety to the mix.


Erik van 't Hof,   The Energiser

Experienced Board member. CHRO at Pon and KPN. International background in HR Leadership, Culture change and Business Transformation roles. Quickly sees the bigger picture. With his outside in approach, he always brings new insights and innovative solutions to leaders and teams. Erik radiates fun, energy and purpose


Petra Kerstens,
The Thinker

Why do people do what they do? That is Petra’s favorite question. Because even behavior that seems wrong or irrational, is always understandable in the specific context – but not always helpful. Petra focuses on patterns that need to be changed, not symptoms. Petra worked at Unilever and consultancy firm Twynstra Gudde. She has 14+ years experience in change management and combines her work as consultant with parttime lecturing at Utrecht University in organizational science. She combines strong analytical skills with intuition, and is experienced in designing and facilitating change programs. 

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Sebastiaan van Rijnsoever,

Sebastiaan is an experienced communicator and leader, brings to the table a rich track record in comms, branding, marketing, (digital) transformation and leadership. Worked for various leading marketing agencies, media companies and larger corporates like KPN and VEON. Sebastiaan is a real team player, flexible, easy going, has an optimistic and forward view on life, always solution oriented. Able to a create fit for purpose and engaging comms strategy, messaging, and story lines.

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Sarah Delahaye,

Team Empowerer

Sarah is an ambitious project designer and organisational developer, with strong values and a deep commitment to understanding and serving her teams. Her varied and international experience, whether in HR departments or within associations promoting citizen emancipation, make her an inspiring and independent person who will enrich your project both humanely and professionally.


Bettina Guirkinger,

Millenial Expert

Bettina is fascinated by what brings purpose and meaning to millennials in the workplace. She discovered that boosting collaboration and trust were key ingredients to success and has been travelling the world to deliver trainings on how to create an optimal environment for those to grow.


Ted van den Berg,
Captain of the Ship

Over the past years Ted has been involved with various large complex organizations in Agile transformations. Both in the coaching, management and in an advisory role. Based on personal value and practice. His strength lies in the step-by-step development of organizations, people and culture.

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Kris Mackay,
The Coach

From London, to Paris and New York, Kris managed numerous projects for luxury brands like Ralph Lauren & Saint Laurent.
Using his extensive knowledge of 20 years, the natural next step was coaching. He is passionate about driving performance by unlocking people’s true potential.