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Our Purpose

So what makes us jump out of bed with a smile every morning (well okay, most mornings)? We have a simple purpose that we feel very passionate about. Because life is short. Work is a big part of our lives, so it better be great. Therefore, we want to make work more fun, healthier, safer, and more fulfilling. We do that by developing and implementing vibrant and inspiring corporate cultures in which people and organisations can flourish and grow.

We are on
a Mission

We inspire to grow, that's our mission!

We want to create a positive impact and move organisations forward. With Inspiration we fuel the organisation with new energy and engagement to make it come to life. We add magic and wisdom to make it unique and vibrant. We help to create new ways and perspectives and help to make them come to live.


We feel successful when we create Growth for our clients. Growth towards the goals the organisation has set for itself and its people. This is explicitly not limited to Economic Growth, but often involves Organisational Growth, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, and even Societal Growth.

To build a strong and distinctive Organisational Culture, everyone in the organisation plays a pivotal role. A culture is in fact the sum of their beliefs, customs, and behaviours. To be successful in building, growing, or changing a culture, an organisation has to involve, inspire, and engage its people. We invite them to participate, give them a platform to grow, activate their internal willingness to learn, and change themselves. They have to feel inspired, connected, and feel part of an organisation and its future. Only then will people commit and help to change and build the organisation towards a stronger future.

Our Values

Our four values define who we are, colour our character. They also keep us grounded, they feed us, they give us direction.

We continuously develop ourselves and our clients. We are curious, we are smart, and we also dare to listen to our intuition and guts. Based on what we see, feel, experience and learn, we create fresh, new and inspiring insights, solutions and perspectives that move us and our clients forward.

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We all need freedom, love and nurturing to grow and flourish. At IP we always take care of each other, our partners and clients, as a family. Our bonds go much deeper than just business. We believe in a world of generosity, where sharing is the standard, not taking and keeping things to yourself. Because together we can create great things.

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We are not in it for the money, we are not in it to please, we are in it for the impact. We strongly challenge the request of a client if we feel it is not what they need to grow.

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Achieving Cultural change is not easy, it's super hard work! So, we always go in for the full 300% and even when it gets rough, we don’t give up.

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Our Golden Rules

  1. Celebrate good times, come on! 

  2. Give each other space 

  3. You like it, you say it. Give compliments!

  4. Clear is kind, unclear is unkind 

  5. Always dare to try (and fail)

  6. Ask, receive and offer support

  7. Communicate with (and not about) each other 

  8. Respect - do no harm, and take no shit 

  9. We stick to joint decisions 

  10. Manage your energy to be able to inspire 

Golden Rules

We work together for a very specific reason. We want to help companies create cultures in which their people can thrive, and we also want to have fun and work in an environment that provides psychological safety. We designed our values, and our Golden Rules which also reflect this special culture we have and seek for as IP.  

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