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In today’s dynamic reality, it is hard for organisations to keep their people motivated, healthy, focused, and successful. Organisations are welcoming a new, ambitious, and independent generation. Moreover, they are dealing with huge challenges like digitisation, globalisation, environmental issues, and an ever-changing competitive environment. All these challenges are having either a direct or an indirect impact.

Perhaps it is because of these huge challenges that culture, as a foundation of organisations, is gaining a central spin in determining the overall success of an organisation. A strong and inclusive organisational culture is one of the most important competitive advantages these days.

Our Clients' Culture Challenges

Our Solution

During the past 10+ years, InspiringPeople has proven that our created and perfected Culture Development Model, consisting of four steps: Define, Activate, Measure, and Live, works very well and it has served both large and small clients globally, across various industries.

This model is implemented within organisations by our InspiringPeople Group. Together, we have a lot of expertise in different areas of the culture advisory industry and our strength is to connect these areas to become the ‘one stop culture shop’ for every company in need. From the first question ‘Why a company needs to work on its culture?’ to the last question ‘How do we hold on to our culture and make it sustainable for all changes in the future?’.

We often experience that organisations have different initiatives running within their organisation e.g., culture, L&D, communication, HR-cycle. To make matters worse, each initiative is executed by different companies who do not communicate together to the level these programmes require to become thriving. Our power is to offer these programmes all in one, via the steps of our culture development model, as well as being able to always include one of our colleagues with the experience needed for the separate projects.

Our Culture Development Model


Defining the aspired culture of a group of people, making sure to deliver on the strategic agenda

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Keep the aspired culture alive by continuously investing in people, processes and recurring events

High Five na de training

Checking to which extent the activation and investments in culture have led to measurable change

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Activating the aspired culture via engaging energetic tools and interventions with key stakeholders


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