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Inspiration Festival

It is our signature event, where every quarter we come together to learn from each other, based on topics, expertise area's, or values. At each festival, you'll hear inspiring stories from those who share their best practices.

With multiple inspiration sessions happening simultaneously, you can curate your own experience and attend the sessions that interest you most. And don't worry about sitting through lengthy presentations - all sessions are short and sweet, clocking in at just 30 minutes. Join us at the Inspiration Festival and let's inspire each other!

Sharing your story

At InspiringPeople we believe that the knowledge to solve a problem is often already present, but it just isn't shared yet. This is why each story consist of a best practice. We believe that best practices are the keys to success. These practices are concrete, easy to implement, low-cost, and have a high impact. Each community member is encouraged to share their own best practice, allowing everyone to learn from each other's experiences and successes.

Before each Inspiration Festival we will share questions with you around certain topics or values. The best practices then answers this question. An example is for instance: how can I help my team to be more collaborative? 

Read about our previous edition with SAICA

Read our blog and discover how the Inspiration Festival keeps values alive at SAICA. We take you through a journey of how previous attendees helped live SAICA's values and left feeling inspired. Learn about the best practices that were shared and the success stories that followed. Get a glimpse of what to expect at the upcoming Inspiration Festival and see what you can expect when you are part of it.

Coming Up Next

Learn more about our upcoming editions of the Inspiration Festival

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