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Changing the layers of organisational culture - Behaviours

Updated: Jun 18

An article in the 'Onion' series by Niels Kooi

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

The last section (part 4) of our series on changing organisational culture is here! After focusing on values, paradigms, and competencies, we now turn to the final layer: behaviours.


Behaviours are the visible actions and practices within your company. They should reflect your values, paradigms, and competencies. While behaviours can change quickly in response to crises, sustainable change requires aligning them with the deeper layers of culture.


Think of organisational behaviours as organisational habits. These habits, formed over time, can be constructive or destructive. To foster positive behaviours, start from within: reinforce core values, shift paradigms, and build relevant competencies, by using a structured approach, touching all the levels - organisational, individual, systemic - in your organisation.


Remember, sustainable change starts at the core and works outward. Dive into the slider below for the final segment of our series to explore how to achieve lasting behavioural change in your organisation. This article has also been posted on LinkedIn before.

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