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Inspire to Grow


We help organisations bring their strategy to life via our practical and engaging culture change model. Via our approach, executed by our group of company culture experts, we make cultures and behaviour concrete, and support organisational development on a deeper level.


We have a great track record of different clients whom we helped change and develop their organisational cultures. In our work, with our different focus areas, we try to touch and set in motion all levels of the organisation. We provide the tools and guidance to create a sustainable impact.


We want to make work more fun! Therefore, we want to help companies create cultures in which people can thrive and grow. With a fresh and vibrant values-based culture of our own, we are inspiring and stimulating other organisations to follow our example.


InspiringPeople was founded in 2010, on the belief that people who can identify themselves with the purpose and values of an organisation are happier, more fulfilled, perform better, and are more resilient in times of change. Organisations often struggle to adapt their cultures to the fast-changing environments of today. We provide the consultancy to mobilise and engage their workforce towards their desired culture.

Today, InspiringPeople is a full-service advisory, specialised in making culture programmes a success. We are a strong and scalable group of global change experts, localised all over the world. Together we are offering a ‘one stop culture shop' for companies by connecting all of our different expertise areas and hence create a solution for companies to work with only one partner for all their needs in the culture change spectrum.


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