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We bring Strategies to Life

By working on Mindset, Culture and Behavior

In a very practical way

And yes, ... that sometimes hurts !!

Why, how, what

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We bring strategies to life. Companies usually do not fail because of bad strategies. They fail because they can not get these strategies to life fast enough. As culture eats strategy for breakfast.


New strategies often need a new Mindset and new Behaviours. Helping companies to shape the Culture needed to deliver on their strategies faster is what gets us out of bed in the morning. 



We work in a very practical way. Over the last twenty years we gathered over 1.800 practical actions on how to work on Mindset, Culture and Behaviour. All actions are concrete, easy to implement, low budget and high impact. 

All actions fit one of the four phases of Culture work. They either help to define the aspired Culture, they engage people to bring the aspired Culture to life, they measure Culture or they develop Culture in a continuous way.

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We help companies to work on Mindset and Behaviour. We improve Cultures, we merge Cultures and we transform Cultures. We help companies with international and national challenges.


We are a highly divers group of program managers, consultants, facilitators, trainers and boardroom coaches.



Culture work is hard work. Many people call it the soft side of Change. Well, ... we don't. After twenty years of doing culture work, we know it's hard work, very hard.

It's more difficult than implementing a new process or a new system. Working on culture is complex. It takes time. It makes you sweat. And yes, ... sometimes it hurts.

Therefore we like to use Boxing as a Metaphor for Culture work. You need to keep training to stay fit. It's hard work, but it always makes you stronger.