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Inspiration Masterclass
Culture Change

A practical online half-day course in merging, transforming, developing, and scaling workplace cultures to turn strategy into action.

The upcoming Masterclass (online)
May 25th 2023, 09:00-13:00 CET

Please send us a message if you are interested in joining!

What will you learn?

Our Masterclass teaches a proven culture change model and equips attendees with the tools to make it happen. Whether you are starting a change programme from scratch or struggling through an existing one, this intensive half-day course will provide the inspiration and practical knowledge you need.


The InspiringPeople model consists of four key steps: defining culture, activating culture, measuring culture, and living culture. We keep our classes small and create an interactive learning environment that allows you to understand, experience, and practice applying each step. We know our model works, so let it work for you!

  • You are a leader in HR, Leadership Development, Internal Communications, Finance or Strategy.

  • Your company is going through a merger or has integrated its teams. You need a shared understanding of how to work well together.

  • Your company has some culture problems that are affecting productivity and/or employee happiness.

  • You struggle to attract new talent. Your employees are your greatest advocates or detractors, so good recruitment starts with workplace culture!

  • Your company is currently moving in a new strategic direction.

  • You’ve brought on a new CEO or senior leadership.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Anyone with the right attitude can learn to positively change a culture


harry wagter.jpg
Harry Wagter

Senior HR Professional,
Change Management

"Valuable methods to generate ideas in a very efficient way. Impressive concept to create a willingness to change."

Kirsten Picture.jpeg
Virginia BEer.jpg
Kirsten Hemmert
Virgina Beer

People Development,
Management Support

Systemic Consultant,
Agile Coach

"Fantastic to have this kind of experience including valuable and tangible best practices. The Master Class inspires to start a culture transformation of your business and demonstrates how to do it in an easy and effective way."

"The Masterclass has been a pleasure for me as I had the chance to deep dive into a well structured approach of implementing cultural change. It is about fully enabling employees to set free their own ideas and creativity, which enables the organisation to gain from this inspiration."

What can you expect?

 Over the course of a half-day, you experience a complete culture change cycle.


Introducing the Culture Change Cycle


Exploring the Defining Culture step


Putting engagement tools into action


Evaluating progress and success


Embedding the change sustainably


Niels Kooi

Niels co-founded InspiringPeople in 2010 after gaining experience as a recognized strategy consultant at Arthur D.Little. He is a culture veteran, but he thrives in situations where culture transformation meets complexity, especially when it comes to activating and measuring the (aspired) culture. He acts as a catalyst in helping customers to drive meaningful and sustainable change, he is a true people-engineer at heart. 

Nicky Assmann

With her background in Change Management, Nicky has an entrepreneurial mind-set, managing interim projects for KLM, ABN AMRO, and Randstad already early in her career. She flourishes when she is engaging with people and creating new things. She is a curious person, always optimistic, and determined to find an answer to every challenge.

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