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Culture Transformation

A practical and interactive time to spend 90 minutes on culture development to turn strategy into action. We offer our Masterclass to people who like to explore their organisation's cultural challenges. Contact us directly if you'd like to know more about this experience, or continue reading.

What will you learn?

Our Masterclass teaches a proven culture development model and equips attendees with the tools to make it happen in a practical way. Whether you haven't even started your efforts, or you are already struggling through a change programme, this intensive 90 minutes experience will provide the inspiration and practical knowledge you need.


The InspiringPeople model consists of four key steps: defining culture, activating culture, measuring culture, and living culture. We keep the groups and sessions small and create an interactive learning environment that allows you to understand, experience, and practice applying our insights. We know our model works, so find out how it can be applied to your organisation!

  • You are a leader in HR, Leadership Development, Internal Communications, Finance or Strategy.

  • Your company is going through a merger or has integrated its teams. You need a shared understanding of how to work well together.

  • Your company has some culture challenges that are affecting productivity and/or employee happiness.

  • Your company is currently moving in a new strategic direction.

  • You struggle to attract new talent. Your employees are your greatest advocates or detractors, so good recruitment starts with workplace culture!

  • You’ve brought on a new CEO or senior leadership.

  • You feel something needs to happen to your culture, but you're just not sure what that might be.

Who can benefit from this approach?

Anyone with the right attitude can learn to positively change a culture. What you need to consider (and we can guide you) is what culture strategy fits best to your business challenges.

What can you expect?

 Over the course of 90 minutes, you create your own programme, festival style.


Introduction to the Culture Development Cycle


Choice of stories shared by one of the multiple hosts


Choice of stories shared by one of the multiple hosts


Choice of stories shared by one of the multiple hosts


Brief wrap-up by your host, to get the most out of your learnings

Hosts and sneak preview

Each Masterclass will be hosted by a different set of our incredible InspiringPeople from all over Europe. If you'd like to get a sneak preview of who will be hosting the next edition, and what's in store have a look at our latest blog post about the upcoming Masterclass.

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