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Culture Transformation Masterclass

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

It is with great pleasure that we'd like to announce our InspiringPeople Masterclass. A total of nine InspiringPeople will provide you with a comprehensive model to deal with culture transformation and the opportunity to choose practical insights in short parallel break-out sessions. The best part: we do this in a time span of 90 minutes. When, you ask? Friday, September 6, from 10.00 am to 11.30 am CET.

The Culture Development Cycle | Central to our approach is the framework we use to look at culture development (culture transformation, culture merger, culture maintenance). We recognise four distinct stages in our work: Defining, Activating, Measuring, and Living Culture.

After a welcome by your host, and a plenary 10' intro where the model will be explained and the bridge will be built to the insights to be shared later on, you will be free to choose three 20' sessions of your liking. These sessions will be followed up by a short 10' session to wrap-up with your host. 

If you'd like to get a sneak preview of some of the content that will be shared during the masterclass, I'd like to encourage you to check the host profiles below and their views on some of the intricacies of culture development. During the Masterclass each host will have multiple sessions on different subjects. The full agenda will be shared with you closer to the event itself!


Get to know the hosts


Aga Sieradzka has over 20 years of expertise in people's transformation programmes, delivered within diverse roles in various industries, geographies and cultures. She strongly believes that a culture transformation happens as an outcome of the change of behaviours and relationships. Her purpose is to help individuals grow, by understanding their needs (being the drivers for actions) - and focusing on one of the most unaddressed: the need to belong. Aga is based in Basel.

Get to know some of Aga's views on culture development in this short interview about how it feels when you create a sense of belonging in organisations.


Bettina Guirkinger is on a mission to bring meaning and purpose to the workspace and the organisation's culture. She has spent the last 15 years designing learning journeys for a wide range of clients: from individuals to startups, to large organisations. Now based in Prague, she delivers trainings in English, French and Spanish to industry leaders across Europe, South America and Southeast Asia through engaging online, offline and hybrid formats.

Get to know some of Bettina's views on culture development in this short interview about the significant benefits of integrating personal purpose with professional life.


Charles de Sabran-Pontevès is a trusted advisor helping leaders, leadership teams and Boards to tackle cultural and organisational transformations. Trained as a strategy consultant, he has been involved in more than 100 transformation projects. A curious mind, he thrives at defining  organisations’ culture and at turning transformation projects into meaningful adventures. He set a challenge to himself: bringing the culture analysis into the field of family governance. Charles is based in Paris.

Get to know some of Charles' views on culture development in this short interview about defining culture when dealing with an integration.


Charles-Antoine Lewintre is a strategy consultant based in Paris with 20+ years of experience. He is passionate about handling company culture in challenging times, such as restructuring, Environmental Societal & Governance (ESG), post-mergers, and transformation programmes. He combines the strategic toolbox with cultural and behavioural specific tools to build, together with clients, long lasting and successful change for companies.

Get to know some of Charles-Antoine' views on culture development in this short interview about how to connect your DNA to get success in your transformation.


Fernanda Ortega brings 20+ years of experience as a global HR executive, successfully leading teams from Latin America to Asia. She is specialised in start-up cultures and has always driven transformation, facilitated M&As, and led growth on a global scale. She gets energy from the movement and action towards a clear vision. You can count on her enthusiasm, authenticity, and outside-of-the-box thinking to design a new story. Fernanda is based in Barcelona.

Get to know some of Fernanda's views on culture development in this short interview about how values guide decision-making and personal growth.


Giovanna de Beij, also known as Coach Gia, was born in Guatemala, raised in Texas, and currently residing in The Netherlands, considers herself a citizen of the world. For 20 years, she has immersed herself in the corporate realm, supporting C-Suite executives, witnessing first hand the challenges different organisations face when undergoing culture transformations. She is a coach and counselor, helping clients and organisations reach their goals no matter how complex.

Get to know some of Gio's views on culture development in this short interview about the importance of ensuring that our values align with the company in the future.


Henno Janmaat co-founded InspiringPeople in 2010, Henno has been involved in 50+ culture transformation projects, and was previously CEO of Westland Energy Services. He is a culture allrounder, but he especially likes culture mergers and helping companies to truly live their values. He flourishes in storytelling and connecting people so they can inspire each other. Henno lives by the motto of making work more fun! Henno is based in Düsseldorf.

Get to know some of Henno's views on culture development in this short interview about how Inspiration Festivals contribute to truly embracing a culture.


Massimilliano Santamaria is a Milan-based experienced HR expert, with an analytical background, with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. He is specifically dedicated to HR consultancy, people metrics and culture measurement. He is passionate about the cross-section of innovation and transformation, with an interest in technology for people, and is inspired by those who bring a fresh perspective to work.

Get to know some of Massimiliano's views on culture development in this short interview about how to effectively measure culture within organisations.


Niels Kooi co-founded InspiringPeople in 2010 after gaining experience as a recognised strategy consultant, a.o. at Arthur D.Little. Having run dozens of culture transformation programmes, he is a culture veteran, thriving in situations where culture transformation meets complexity, especially when it comes to activating and measuring culture. A true people-engineer, he acts as a catalyst to help clients drive meaningful, sustainable change. Niels is based in Utrecht.

Get to know some of Niels' views on culture development in this short interview about how to make a culture visible and tangible, also making it easier to track progress.

So, if you believe you would be eligible to participate in our Masterclass, let us know, by clicking the button below, and we'll reach out to you. Feel free to share this site with others who might benefit from our Masterclass.


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