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European Trainer Award for Peer learning

Updated: Feb 5

Uber is the biggest taxi company in the world, without one taxi. Airbnb is the biggest hotel in the world, without one bed. Maybe InspiringPeople will once be the biggest trainer-company in the world without one trainer...

In 2021, the BDVT awarded us with the European Trainer Award for our Digital Peer Learning Format. A format that facilitates structured and secured Peer Learning within large organisations. Customers say it’s fun, simple, and effective. Our mission is to inspire people to start inspiring others.

We believe that all questions and all answers that an organisation needs to get to the next level, are already within the organisation itself. It just needs a little structure and guidance to match the supply and demand of inspiration. Our online peer learning format helps managers and employees to inspire each other and develop themselves on behaviours that are key to deliver on the strategic targets.

The mission of our peer learning is to grow from hundreds to thousands, maybe even millions of trainers. With the slogan “Everybody is a trainer!"

Crises often leads to innovation. Our partner Henno Janmaat explains that the tinder-style (swipe away what you do not need to develop) approach of Peer Learning was boosted by the pandemic. Since people were not able to meet face to face, they became more comfortable with meeting via Zoom, Teams and other channels. This was an enormous boost for peer learning within large companies.

The year 2020 was not an easy year for companies working on Mindset, Culture, and Behaviour. Our experience shows it’s possible to facilitate steep learning in online or hybrid situations. The approach has since evolved into our flagship 'Inspiration Festival' approach. Let’s keep on learning!


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