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Latest top "Be Awares"

Be Aware No. 1: A transformation cannot be done by one project team. The entire organization needs to be engaged. In order to do that, it is so important that “The Why” and the vision is made very clear and visibly supported by top management. In the jungle of different projects and heavy load of daily work, it is sometimes forgotten, that not everyone is on the same page and that a cultural transformation needs commitment and constant communication.

Be Aware No. 2: Working on culture, you cannot blindly follow a blueprint. So, every project is a conversation. You discuss, advise, adjust, experiment and succeed. For some parts, it is not crucial whether to go left or right. For some parts it is. For some parts a compromise today will bring sorrow in the future. We often see that companies, create list over list over list. There is a brand, there are company values, there are business unit values, there are the three most important key words for the new CEO, … It is basically a form of Mindset Spaghetti. Take the time in the beginning to set that straight. It won’t get easier later.

Be Aware No. 3: Always ask security. No comment. ;-)

What are your biggest "Be Awares"?


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