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Relevant Design Elements

When finding new solutions for the working world and helping organizations to find their best solution, it is without question, that we come across challenging thoughts and exciting new ideas. So far, our work has a strong focus on mindset and behavior and how this is influenced by the way we work with each other. The largest part of all the best practices we collected focuses on how company values can truly be lived. Occasionally, those best practices also touch structural components. Because, of course, organizational structure can also influence mindset and behavior in a certain way.

So far, many companies have not been ready for a change in organizational structure. We are currently noticing however, that even though, the journey of the change to a new working world will still take years, some companies are getting more progressive and start changing their structures.

What are the most important organizational design elements that impact behavior and in which order should they be touched?

As a first step, we have divided the organizational design into three types of elements: Elements of division of work, Elements of coordination and the Supporting processes.

Taken the purpose of the organization and its primary value chain processes as a backbone, the mentioned organizational design elements can be shaped as to fit the culture and values wanted for success.

You can tell, there is more than we are depicting. Can you think of more elements to fill those gaps?

These elements are intertwined, as for example when you change your organizational structure you might also need different decision-making structures. Some of them, e.g. the organizational structure you will not change once a year. Also, the compensation and benefits you will not change with every sunrise, but there is definitely more room for experimenting.

Which ones best to start with then? And should there be an adjustment in mindset before touching structure?

We see companies engage in change radically do a 360° turnaround on structure and mindset at the same time. Others start by changing the mindset and let structure follow. So far, we have made sustainable results with creating visible actions and measurable change one step at a time.

What do you think?


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