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Why will Peer Learning shape the future of learning?

At InspiringPeople, we believe that contextual Peer Learning will flourish in an era where knowledge is fluid, hybrid working environments enforce new ways of collaboration and the traditional hierarchy of power becomes obsolete. Dare to Care and create a culture where Peer Learning is encouraged, facilitated, and recognized! Those able to adapt the fastest will win from the competition! How adaptable do you aspire to be?

Why use Peer Learning?

The way we learn and develop as humans has vastly changed over the last two decades. Knowledge and expertise have shifted from a strong focus on ready and historically created knowledge to a more exploring form of relevant and topical knowledge development. Knowledge today is not knowing THE, but applying AN answer to your situation. The ability to adapt swiftly depends on it. Consequently, learning new skills and/or behaviors is not happening in classroom situations, but primarily and continuously on the shop floor! The most effective way to learn is to learn from your colleagues in action.

It is therefore that we believe that one of the most powerful and efficient ways of realizing your company vision is through Peer Learning. However, the true power of Peer Learning lies in the fact that if your organization needs to adapt with speed, the structure for doing this is already in place, thus becoming a true learning organization!

So how can Peer Learning be implemented?

Peer Learning can be implemented in different shapes or forms: buddy systems, weekly knowledge sharing sessions with your team, companywide, or even with customers and suppliers. Create and implement Peer Learning networks, whichever model suits you and your organization best.

Most people will embrace change better if they are in the driver's seat themselves. Give freedom, provide meaning by connecting new and desired behaviors with strategic themes and objectives, which people can influence themselves. Make sure that the whole organization is behind it, including leadership!

Which key success factors need to be considered?

Having a strong vision is crucial for success. When it is clear what you want to achieve, how does the perspective ‘looks and feels like', create a world that people can relate and engage with. We all know great vision examples like Nike (Just-do-it), Apple (Think Different), Gillette (The best a man can get), or Disneyland (The happiest place on earth). You immediately understand what they aspire to be. These well-known ‘one-liners’ are not just advertising claims. They go much further. They articulate the organisation's purpose, its mentality, its (aspired) culture. It is almost as strong as a social movement you want to be part of, instead of following a mandate. When you put your heart and soul into something, when you are intrinsically motivated, then your eagerness and ability to learn, increases exponentially.

Other key success factors relate to having a strong development agenda. Is leadership stimulating a growth mindset across the organisation? Start small, experiment, and find out which topics work and which do not. Don’t give up too quickly! Connect learning with concrete behaviors and meaningful content.

How can I learn more about Peer Learning in a practical way?

At InspiringPeople we like to share our experience with others by hosting and scaling our online Peer Learning concept across boundaries, freely accessible for everyone to join. We do this through our open Quarterly Peer Learning events (QPL), sharing micro learnings that are simple, concrete, easy to implement, and cost no money. Joining our QPL is a great way to get familiar with Peer Learning. We even customized the user experience by developing an InspiringPeople Peer Learning App (you can find it on app stores) designed to facilitate Peer Learning in one place!

Interested to participate in our next QPL or want to know more about Peer Learning for your organisation, send us a message!


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