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At IP we love to work hard, but also play hard

We have a great tradition to organize a serious off-site twice a year; one to the sun and one to the snow. To recharge our batteries, to look back and look forward, to work on our own team, and also our own culture.

So last month we flew to Ibiza, the island of sunshine, love, and spirituality, for a three-day team reset. This time it had an extra important role, as we hadn’t seen each other a lot due to Covid. And also, we had recently added some new members to our team. So, the need to (re)connect was especially present with all of us.

We wanted to share this experience with you because it felt like something that every team should do occasionally. And of course, Ibiza is fun and beautiful, but one could also do this locally if you feel it’s a bit too extravagant.

It’s amazing to realize all the things we were able to do during this relatively short stay. And yes, we had A LOT OF FUN, but also onboarded our new team members, defined and set our upcoming 3-year strategy, reset our own company values, did a fierce 3-course cooking competition, got to know things about each other that we didn’t know before (and some things we wished we didn’t know 😉). Most important we were able to distance ourselves from the daily stress and routines and really found time to reflect and clear our heads and produce some amazing stuff!

So, what are the key ingredients for success?:

  • Choose a location that is out of the ordinary, that will reset your minds and hearts on arrival

  • Schedule a mix of crazy adventurous stuff and more serious questions (these can also go together very well)

  • Serve (or create) enough good food and drinks

  • Start every day with a group meditation, to root yourself, to energize, and find your focus

  • Organize everything within your own team: make every task have a purpose


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