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The power of (our) golden rules

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Treat others like you would like to be treated.

This saying is probably something that sounds very familiar to you since it’s the basis for any good relationship. At least, it’s very important to us, InspiringPeople. Therefore, we have created our 10 Golden Rules together, which are our basis for our work relationships amongst our team and with our clients.

During our quarter 2 meeting, we went to Spa in the Ardennes, Belgium. It is a beautiful old town in the middle of nature, the perfect place to tune out from the daily business and connect over the growth of InspiringPeople. This was also the perfect time to launch our own 10 Golden Rules, which we connected to our four core values: Care, Create, Commit, and Challenge.

These Golden Rules enable us to live our values, talk about difficult things, create space to inspire and be inspired, and ensure our desired work relationships.

Here are the Golden Rules of InspiringPeople:

  1. You like it, you say it. Give compliments!

  2. Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.

  3. Communicate with (and not about) each other.

  4. Give respect. Do no harm, but take no shit.

  5. Ask, receive, and offer support.

  6. Celebrate good times, come on!

  7. We stick to joint decisions.

  8. Manage your energy to be able to inspire.

  9. Always dare to try (and fail).

  10. Give each other space.

Everyone at InspiringPeople has been part of the process of creating these rules via a thorough and inclusive way consisting of multiple brainstorming and elimination steps.

How do we make sure to live by these rules? First, as we launched them, we split in groups to find or create memes for each of the Golden Rule, in an exercise we called “What do you meme?” This has led to some hilarious results. Here you can see what "We stick to joint decisions" was illustrated by some of our team members!

Following that, each month, one person in our team is responsible for one rule. It is up to that person to choose a creative way to focus on the rule. It’s through these small actions that we will eventually adapt our behaviours to follow our Golden Rules.

We also aim to bring our Golden Rules into our collaborations with new clients by discussing them upfront in each of the projects we start.

Do you feel like this could be something that you should have in your organization? Feel free to contact us! We would love to dive into the opportunities with you.


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